Our History

Bob #2 (left) and Bob #1 (right)

Rusteprufe has been providing rust-free firearm protection for over 80 years.

By purchasing from Rusteprufe Laboratories and this site directly, you are getting the original Rusteprufe products direct from us, the manufacturer.  You will have that peace of mind knowing you're getting exactly what you pay for and there are no intermediaries.

Rusteprufe Laboratories was founded in Wisconsin during the year 1938 and all products have been and are proudly made in the United States of America and provide a quality rust-proof solution.

The Products

To the right you will see the entire lineup of Rusteprufe products.  From 1938 to present day, Rusteprufe penetrates deep into the smallest pores of steel, giving all metal parts rust-free protection in any climate.  One application is all that is needed to notice a difference!