awesome product

My family starting years ago with my grandfather have all used this product and will continue to use it. This is truly a great product we use them after a day in the field, just wipe the guns down and put them in the case and you wont have to worry about rust the next time you get your guns out.

Jospeh Wengler

Miraculous Product

I have used the Rusteprufe product for several years, and my father used it before me to protect shotguns from the effects of the Gulf coast salt water bays and marshes. Several years ago I was duck hunting with a new shotgun, and after returning from the hunt I removed it from the soft case to see the immediate impacts of the Texas coast. Immediately I broke down the gun and liberally applied the Rusteprufe from the bore cleaner soaked chamois, and following this process, I am happy to say that the gun looked good as new. I always use this product to maintain my duck and goose hunting guns as well as certain fishing reels. While it is more difficult to find this great product in the modern “big box” outdoor stores, I must say that it is an essential element of my maintenance tools for hunting and fishing gear.

Thad Brundrett

Quality Product

Rusteprufe is the best gun cleaning solvent ever invented! Anything inside your gun barrel will be removed with a few swabs of this product.

Jeff Ruedy


Wow rusteprufe is the best oil protection I have ever used on my fire arms I even use this on my fishing gear and my tools. Try the rest and now I have found the BEST

Richard Parker